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Care Assistant

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At PA Services For You, we don’t just provide care; we support people in changing their lives. Located in Surrey and West Sussex, we specialise in supporting individuals with acquired brain injuries and learning disabilities and autism. We are passionate about helping our clients reclaim their lives, promoting independence, and supporting personal development to achieve their goals.

Why Build Your Career with Us?

  • Personalised Care Approach: We focus on individual needs rather than tasks, providing a tailored 'Personal Assistant' service that encompasses not only physical health but also cognitive and mental well-being.

  • Specialized Training: Our team benefits from a range of specialist trainings, preparing each member to support highly complex needs effectively.

  • Team Environment: Described by our founder, Lucy Walker, our environment is more than just a workplace. We function like a family, with a strong emphasis on mutual support, appreciation, and growth.

"I am so grateful to be a part of the PA Services team. I feel such overwhelming support and appreciation from the management team, they truly care for their staff's wellbeing.

They have offered me so many services to support my growth, from apprenticeships for me to learn and take my career to the next level, to private health care to make sure I am safe and taken care of as an employee.

They perfectly match each employee to each client to make sure that everyone enjoys their role. I cannot believe I am employed to spend time and take care of some of the most amazing people that i have ever met!

I have watched Lucy changed people's lives for the better time and time again, it is amazing to watch her work. Her knowledge and skills in the care industry are unmatched. The innovative training that she provides to her staff is like nothing that I have ever seen before.

PA Services is a company like no other, they have filled a huge gap in the care industry to support vulnerable individuals to achieve their goals and be the best person that they can be. But not only does PA services change vulnerable adults lives every day, they have also changed mine.
I am eternally grateful to Lucy Walker for giving me the strength and wisdom that I have today, I could not wish for a better employer."

What Our Staff Say

'PA Services is different to other 'domiciliary care' companies because they are run by dedicated and down to earth management. The management very much get involved in the day to day activities and support we provide our clients and we all work so well together and everyone is so approachable.

I came from residential care previously, so to come into community care was overwhelming and different, but the support that the company have provided has been outstanding. Each client is allocated a regular staff team, which provides them with security, routine and person-centred care. It supports the clients to develop their trust and positive professional relationships as the staff and client get to know each-others personalities during their days together, not just 1-2hr calls..

As I have just reached my 1st anniversary here at PA Services, I cannot think of a better decision I have ever made and would recommend them to work for and to refer clients to them any day!'


What Our Staff Say

"Working for this company brings me great joy and definitely job satisfaction.

Every client has a person centred  approach we aim to give our clients a full and joyful life and to experience life to the full even achieve their dreams with help from us.

Unlike other places I have worked for theres not enough time to spend with each client which makes it difficult.definitely not person centred. If our clients are happy that makes me happy.

I’m very happy working for pa services couldn’t imagine working anywhere else."

Karen Vaughan

What Our Staff Say

"Hi Lucy


In the past I have worked in domiciliary care.

If I compared to PA services . It is a huge difference - the PA service is excellent.

The way they care and the service delivered to each individual is outstanding you do know each client
and you always have time for them and make them feel special and you do that for your staff as well.


I would definitely recommend your company to others who need care and support"



Mimi 😀

What Our Staff Say...

"I started with PA Services Jan 2021 in the management team. What a great decision that was!!!

Having been a registered manager in my previous role I was supported here to share my previous skills and knowledge and made to see they still really mattered, and they were positively utilised.  

I was given the opportunity to  support enable change and growth in the company by inclusion in all areas. I can be me. I am supported to be me and that makes me work harder and happier.

Happiness and support is fully part of what PA Services want from the staff and clients. 


The Director and Registered manager strives to support all in an open and happy way and this helps retention in staff and happiness with clients and family. It’s a cascade of positivity which enables positive change.


I love it."


Alison Bacon 

Quality and Performance Manager

What Our Staff Say...

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