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At PA Services For You, we believe that the true measure of our success is reflected in the experiences of our clients. Our dedication to providing exceptional support and care is vividly reflected in the stories shared by those we have had the privilege to serve. These testimonials are not just endorsements of our services, but powerful narratives of personal achievement and changed lives.

Discover Their Stories
Explore the testimonials to witness the heartfelt interactions and significant changes facilitated by our care. You will read inspiring tales of clients achieving their personal goals and the profound impact this has had on their lives and those of their carers. These stories are a testament to the difference we make every day.

Experience Our Impact
Whether you are considering our services for yourself or a loved one, these testimonials provide a clear view of the profound impact we have, fostering independence and joy. See how PA Services For You goes beyond everyday care to empower and transform lives.

Hear From Our Clients

"As parents still sharing the care of our autistic adult son whose mix of abilities and disabilities  are complex we find our son and ourselves are much more relaxed about the care given by PA Services for You because we can trust them at all times to support him well and deal with issues arising. They are led by Lucy Walker -Hall who understands our son well and this reflects in her staff support.

This also means the relationship between us (parents and son) has improved greatly and we can enjoy each other's company as other families do without stressing over the latest issue with paid support staff."

"PA Services are different because I get to choose what activities I want to do. They support me to complete my personal care correctly. I get to go out in the evening to discos and bingo. I like them because I am always supported and never left on my own so this makes me feel safe. 

I like how my team and managers help me to communicate my feelings better and make me PECS to help support this. I like my manager Lucy and having catch ups on how I am doing. Lucy gives me time and listens to me whilst we go for dog walks.

They support me on respite holiday breaks with staff I choose to support me."

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you the difference about pa services and previous dom care services we have used. Our daughter is 24 and profoundly disabled. previous dom care would come in change her, shower her and feed her. We even had carers who did this whilst hardly talking to her. They would take her out but again not much interaction they just did their job.

PA services do the same but it is totally different, they build a relationship with her, they really care for her she has a great team that get to know her, they take her out places that she likes and that are what other 24 year olds would be doing. Pa services are her voice and her family, they know her and care and they go above and beyond.

We are adopting our youngest and in that paper work you have to put who is your family support and we have listed pa services as if our daughter needed them in an emergency day or night they would be there if they cloud. It is not just a job or a business to them they genuinely care about improving the life of our daughter and despite her profound disabilities they have a great relationship with her. This company is how all care companies should be as they make the lives  of thier clients so much better. Its easy to say you care but it a rarity to find a company that genuinely do. They carefully match carers with clients and clients families and they expect all thier carers to be top quality.

I cant sing their praises high enough."
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